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Bid support

In addition to financial due diligence, vendor due diligence and vendor assistance support, the Transaction Services team at Knight can also offer a wide range of other services to assist prospective purchasers and investors at each stage of a transaction.

Our buy-side support facilities are available to clients as individual, separate products or as part of a larger bid support project.

"Our team are all fully qualified due diligence specialists with experience of working with a range of business types, sectors and sizes therefore our assistance in the early stages of an acquisition process can add speed, efficiency and value to the transaction."

Our bid support services are typically used by clients in the pre exclusivity stages of a transaction and include the following:

  • Feasibility reviews – Feasibility reviews focus on a high level or limited scope of work to assist you in preparing initial or indicative offers, identifying key risk areas and determining the scope requirements of any later stage financial due diligence exercise. A feasibility review also avoids the associated costs of pursuing an unsuitable transaction, which saves senior employees time and avoids sizeable due diligence fees.
  • Reviews of Vendor Due Diligence reports – Our team can objectively review a vendor due diligence report prepared in relation to a transaction to identify any significant concerns or risks which do not appear to have been adequately addressed or concluded on. Our review would also identify any areas of weakness against our expected scope of work and highlight the key items to be investigated in any potential ‘top-up’ due diligence exercise. A vendor due diligence review may also include a question and answer session with the Target Management Team if required, including our interpretation and conclusion of Management responses.
  • Top up due diligence – Our team can provide top up due diligence services as an addendum to an earlier due diligence report or following our review of a vendor due diligence report prepared by another firm.
  • Data room reviews – our team can conduct a data room review as part of a feasibility engagement or top up due diligence exercise. A data room review exercise may also include a question and answer session with the Target Management Team if required.
  • Forecast reviews – A review of the financial forecasts of a business can be undertaken as part of a due diligence engagement or as a standalone piece of work.

“I would like to say how grateful I am that we were able to get this project over the line. Knight have been absolutely outstanding in this exercise! We have a very complicated legacy position which they were able to patiently piece this together into a meaningful framework which Boost were then able to get behind. Going forward I hope to use Knight to support further due diligence on both us and proposed targets once we get into acquisition mode. Thanks once again to everyone at team Knight!”

Ian MacLellan – Founder, Cloudstream Technology Limited following funding received from Boost & Co Limited.